Three Year Outdoor Learning Development Plan

Bringing the curriculum alive - outside

Do you struggle for space inside?

Are your grounds boring and uninspiring?

Would you like to be able to utilise your outdoor areas but haven’t the ideas or budget to make that change?

We offer a full consultation, culminating in a detailed report and design, setting out how, over the next three years your school grounds can become your legacy. 

We can show you how to maximise the use of your various external areas, and give you ideas on how to implement this gradually over the next three years.  We can show you what can be done on a limited budget, what can happen with a bit of people power, and what can be fund-raised for.  

We’ll help you identify which new areas link specifically to different parts of the Curriculum, and give you tips on how to best encourage staff to start using them.  And you can add it to your School Development Plan to help support your future priorities for improvement.

Imagine your school garden in constant use for learning, playing and growing in every sense of the word, where children and staff alike are inspired and excited to go outside and learn in the best classroom you will ever give them – nature.

We’d love to help you kick-start your outdoor learning journey. Please contact us for a free consultation: or call 07762 006532