Bringing the curriculum alive - outside

We’ve been working alongside Growing Outside for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say I don’t know what we’d do without them.  The lessons are well prepared and resourced and the children absolutely love getting hands on while learning key Science and Geography objectives.  The children have a real sense of ownership and pride in the allotment area now and it is looking great! Growing Outside have also been able to provide us with some additional nurture sessions to use as an intervention for children with SEMH needs.  All the children were able to thrive during these sessions, actively engaging in a safe and calm way. 

Leanne Straker, Deputy Headteacher, Haveley Hey Community School, Wythenshawe

The Growing Outside sessions, apart from reinforcing important areas of the curriculum such as Science, Geography and DT (cooking and nutrition strand), are having a direct positive impact on the Health and Wellbeing of our children.  This, both in class groups or in small intervention groups, where the Growing Outside practitioner excels at being flexible in her approach.Working with Growing Outside for the last 18 months means our children are now calm and attentive when learning in the garden, and teachers have reported the sessions have enhanced children’s subject knowledge, increased their appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors, and given them more of an awareness of environmental issues, nature and seasonal foods.

Lisa Whitelegg, Deputy Headteacher, The Willows Primary school, Wythenshawe

We have worked with Growing Outside for the last 6 years, and despite increasingly tight budgets, continue to consider it a hugely valuable and important provision for our children and staff.  We are committed to educating the ‘whole’ child, and Growing Outside have helped us achieve this through their philosophy of teaching the curriculum whilst caring for Nature, the Environment and the Planet, with their innovative approach to outdoor learning.  I could not recommend them highly enough

Julia Bramhall, Headteacher, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Wythenshawe

 In the last three years the regular weekly sessions from Growing Outside have made a huge difference to our children’s respect for nature and their school environment.  Whereas at first they were dismissive and sometimes inconsiderate of plants, trees and our attempts at growing food, they now show an absolute fascination and love of everything growing in our outdoor space.  They are calm when working outside and have a keen desire to nurture and protect all living things. Growing Outside have worked both with small focus groups of children on a regular basis, and with different classes every week.  Both methods have suited our children’s varying needs.  We consider their input paramount to our passion of offering our children a stimulating, rounded learning experience.

David Nightingale, Headteacher, Moorfield Community Primary School, Irlam

Leila has nurtured in our children a love of growing and planting. They are thrilled when they are able to harvest the fruit and vegetables they have grown. Growing Outside has assisted in the development of our Outdoor Curriculum which we hope will give all children a better understanding of the need to care for our environment.

Christina Burns, Assistant Headteacher, St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School