What we do

Bringing the curriculum alive - outside

Weekly Sessions

At Growing Outside we believe in the importance of continuous learning and sustainability.

Nature isn’t static, nor should learning be

Our year-round weekly sessions take children and staff on a journey, bringing to life key elements of the National Curriculum, throughout the seasons. 

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Teacher Training

Having an amazing school garden is brilliant.

But what if no-one has the desire or knowledge how to use it?  What if it becomes a no-go area as the nettles and brambles take hold?

We have developed a series of CPD courses to help your teachers to build the skills and confidence they need, step by step, to see your outdoor space as the best classroom they’ve ever taught in.

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Three Year Outdoor Learning Development Plan

Do you struggle for space inside?

Are your grounds boring and uninspiring?

Would you like to be able to utilise your outdoor areas but haven’t the ideas or budget to make that change?

We offer a full consultation, culminating in a detailed report and design, setting out how, over the next three years your school grounds can become your legacy. 

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We’d love to help you kick-start your outdoor learning journey. Please contact us for a free consultation:

hello@growingoutside.com or call 07762 006532