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Bringing the curriculum alive - outside

Having an amazing school garden is brilliant.

But what if no-one has the desire or knowledge how to use it?  What if it becomes a no-go area as the nettles and brambles take hold?

We have met many clients who have, in the past, funded everything from a few raised beds to full blown outdoor covered classrooms, large ponds, growing beds, orchards and even polytunnels.   

And no-one uses them.  The fruit falls and goes mouldy. The pond gets overgrown and dangerous, and the wood on the raised beds and outdoor classroom rots as the weeds take over.

A new school garden – empty, nothing growing, no-one using it
An overgrown school garden

We understand the barriers:

“How do I manage a whole class out there?”  
“I’m not a gardener – why would I teach outside?”
“It’s a new environment that I’m not comfortable in – where do I start?”  

Growing Outside have 20 years of experience in outdoor learning, and in helping schools transition their teaching from inside to outside.

We have developed a series of CPD courses to help your teachers to build the skills and confidence they need, step by step, to see your outdoor space as the best classroom they’ve ever taught in.

Oh, and no previous outdoor classroom necessary 😊

We’d love to help you kick-start your outdoor learning journey. Please contact us for a free consultation:

hello@growingoutside.com or call 07762 006532